28 November 2015

New from Thermal Mass Flow

FCL-200 phto2Liquid Flow Controller FCL-200
FCL-200 is a controller developed for controlling fluid flow in semicoductor,  pharmaceutical and food industries.

FML-500-ultrasonic-flow-meterUltrasonic Flow Meter FML-500
The FML-500 is a straight tube type ultrasonic flow meter for liquids. A new PFA material with excellent chemical resistance is used for parts in contact with the liquid.

mass-flow-meter-3660Standard Mass Flow Controller MODEL 3660 SERIES
The 3660 Series Mass Flow Controller design focuses on compactness and low cost and is being acclaimed by a wide range of users for diverse application.

flow-compoCompact Handy Mass Flow Control/Measurement Unit FLOW COMPO
Compact, lightweight integral unit with a  touch panel that permits easy FS scaling, flow setting, and valve opening/closing.

cr-400Compact Readout Unit MODEL CR-400
The CR-400 readout unit, when connected to your mass flow controller or meter with a cable, provides the key mass flow functions, such as flow measurement and control as well as cumulative flow calculations and flow event outputs.

  • Compact, lightweight integral unit
  • The touch panel type permits easy FS scaling, flow setting, and valve opening/closing.